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Made To Order Packaging - Step by Step

Step 1 – Your Vision

At Vision, your vision matters. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team are here to guide you through the process of building your dream product right from the initial concept, through to product launch.

We are full service and as such, our offering includes comprehensive solutions for custom moulding, artwork and graphic design, through to all kinds of creative value-added finishes to your packaging. Our sales team are here to assist in making your visions come to life, guiding you with colour choices, finishes, prints, compatible closures, and dispensers.

Step 2 - Evaluate packaging options

It is our goal to select models that best suit your requirements, ideas, expectations and budget, whether this be from our extensive range of stock items, or our Made to Order catalogue. If custom moulding is required, we can assist with your design, supply detailed drafted drawings & 3D models for sign-off, before proceeding with toolmaking. Samples will be supplied for approval, before proceeding to the next step. At this stage it is also very important that you conduct your own tests to ensure that your packaging choice is compatible with your products and fill process.

Step 3 – Design & Artwork

We take your requirements, and work with our experienced design partners to ensure a successful design from the outset. You may, of course choose to create your own design. In either case, we will provide all checklists and dielines that your designer will need to get the job done right first time.

Step 4 – Pre-production Samples

Before proceeding to full production, we will provide you with pre-production samples to ensure that you are happy with the design and artwork. This is another opportunity for you to conduct further tests that your packaging is compatible with your product & manufacture.

Step 5 – Production

Once pre-preproduction samples have been approved, we can commence to full production. Whether our manufacture is performed locally or globally, the Vision team will provide regular updates of lead times and delivery dates constantly keeping you informed on progress. With our established office, and our very own Quality Control team in China, manufacturing of your products is closely assessed every step of the way.

Step 6 – Delivery

We can deliver stock to your door, or direct to your contractor for filling. In either case we will keep you well informed of the expected delivery date so that you can co-ordinate with your own production timeline.

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