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Fully Recyclable Pumps and Sprays

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Fully Recyclable Pumps and Sprays

Plastic pumps and sprays are used widely in our daily life. Whether in personal care, household cleaning, or in automotive products, they are extremely convenient and useful.

However, unlike plastic bottles and jars, 'traditional' pumps and sprays are difficult to recycle because they comprise multiple materials. They contain metal springs and metal/glass ball-valves. This is problematic for recycling companies because it means that in most cases, they find them uneconomical to recycle. Consequently, 'traditional' pumps/sprays will end up in land fill along with non-recyclable waste.

Thankfully a new generation of plastic pumps and sprays is emerging, and Vision Packaging is at the forefront of this new technology.

Mono-Material (All Plastic) Pumps and Sprays

Vision Packaging is now able to supply a range of fully recyclable, all-plastic lotion pumps,  foaming pumps and trigger sprays.

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