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We have an extensive range of high-quality made to order vessels; bottles, tubes, jars, caps, pumps, sprays and airless systems. Our production partners welcome design challenges and are adept at providing creative solutions. Our direct partnerships also mean we can produce smaller orders and exercise flexibility around minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements.


High Density Polyethylene is squeezable with good oxygen barrier properties. The bottle surface has a matte finish, will handle elevated or higher temperature environments, high pH levels and has high impact strength (e.g. if the bottle is dropped).



Polyethylene Terephthalate has a shiny surface. PET has excellent barrier properties and so is especially suitable for ‘oil’ based products or where oxygen barrier properties are a requirement. PET should not be used for products with high pH levels or when hot filling above 55°C.


Glass is clear (can be frosted or coloured) and is inert. The oxygen barrier property of glass is exceptional meaning that products in glass can enjoy an extended shelf life, making it an extremely versatile and good choice for many products.