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Tube Specifications

Available in round, oval or super oval tubes, there are several things to consider when designing the ideal tube configuration for your product. These include: diameter, length, head & neck finish, closure type, as well as orifice specifications to accommodate product viscosity and use requirements.

Tube Capacity

Tubes have a fixed diameter (measured accurately using a Vernier at tube shoulder). Tube length can be adjusted and is measured from the shoulder of the tube sleeve to tube end (does not include tube head or closure).

Tube Specification & Capacity 166 series 

Tube Specification & Capacity 175 series 


Tube Decoration Options

Vision Packaging works closely with its customers to design the ideal tube configuration, head & neck finish, closure, diameter and length, as well as orifice specifications to accommodate your product’s use requirements & viscosity.  

Decorating capabilities include multiple colour off-set, multiple colour UV screen printing and hot foil stamping.