28/410 LPZ S/Slv28/410 LPZ S/Slv
28/410 LPZ S/Slv
LPZ Lotion Pump 28/410 White with Shiny-Silver Sleeve 240dt fbog Saddle Head

COLOUR Dip Tube length
  (mL)   fbog (mm)
LPZ Lotion Pump Lockdown 2.0
White/Silver 240

Please contact us if you have any further enquiries
APJY (50mL Tall AVA Snow) Pump + O/cap

125mL VP Cylinder

FPT 43/410 Foam Pump

20/410 TPZ Wht

24/410 FMW Wht

24/410 TPZ LOCK-UP

Lid (for 10gm Jar)

100mL BRO Cylinder

Lid + Seal (for 50mL Taj Jar)

Pump + Overcap for 156-008

Lid (for 50mL jar) White

500mL VP Epoch PET

24/410 MTYX White

AirBot 15mL AVA Kapp

28/410 FTSM Wht

Pump + Overcap for 100mL Bottle (156-054bot)

250mL LA Tall Boston

250mL VP Boston

Lid 95mm

750mL Trigger (HDPE)

38/410 SCAJ T/E

Lid (for 5mL Taj Jar)

24/410 TPZ Wht

Spray Pump + Overcap for 30mL & 50mL (Matte-Silver)

38/410 SCCR Blk T/E

Wad 83mm PS22

24/410 DTZ Wht SWall

Wad 89mm PS22

BPK Wht Pump + Blk Cap assemb

24/410 LPZ Nat

500mL LAX Tall Boston

24/410 SCYX M/Slv Wad

24/410 FTH Wht

200mL LA Squat Boston

50mL LA Boston

33/410 BPW Blk

24/410 SCSL White

60mL VP Cylinder

Overcap (200mL AVA Snow) WHOC

Lid 89mm S/Silv

2Ltr Jerry Can

Bottle 15mL Roll-on

1Ltr VP Poison

24/410 DTZ Nat/PS22

1.65Ltr Jar Base T/E

28/410 SCCR Wht

250mL LA Squat Boston

Lid (for 20mL jar) White

Jar Base 5mL Taj

Tube 125mL (with Flip Top)