•  A sealed unit with no air intake when dispensing, protecting the integrity of your product
•  Measured dosage rate
•  98% evacuation of product from each container
•  AVA Cap range also includes airless spray options.

Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description

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24/410 MTZ Nat

Lotion pump for 7mL bottle

300mL LA Boston

375mL VP Boston

1Ltr LA Tall Boston

24/410 EFMZ Wht

AirBot 100mL AVA Snow

AirBot 50mL AVA Twist Silv/Nat

Ctn Jerry-Large

1.65Ltr Jar Base T/E

375mL LA Tall Boston

24/410 SCYX Wht Wad

24/410 DTZ Wht PS22

70mL VP Pillar

60mL VP Boston

33/410 BPW Wht

Tube 50mL (with Flip Top)

28/410 SCYX Blk Wad

375gm Jar Base Wht

20mL Jar Base Wht

24/410 TPSM

Wad 28mm Induction

150gm LOWLINE Jar Base

125mL BRO Cylinder

125mL VP Cylinder Heavy

60mL VP Boston

28/410 LPZ Blk

APJY (200mL AVA) Pump

28/410 LPWY Blk

AirBot 30mL AVA Twist Clr/Nat

200mL Foamer Bottle

28/410 VCCR Blk Wad

500mL VP Round

500gm Squat Jar Base T/E

200mL VP Cylinder

AirBot 30mL AVA Twist Silv/Nat

70mL VP Pillar

300mL ALF Bottle

Pump + O/cap (Jar 15mL & 30mL)

25Ltr CUBE

AirBot 15mL AVA Twist Silv/Nat

28/410 SCYX Wht Wad

1Ltr BRO Cylinder

250mL Bullet Tall

28/410 LPZ Wht

Lid 70mm Blk

1Ltr VP Poison

AirBot 50mL AVA Kapp

Dripolator 18mm

50mL LA Boston